Train Hard, Study Hard – Pursuing Your Passion for Football without Neglecting Your Academic Studies


“Any young person with a burning desire to become a professional footballer will have to make sacrifices in order to reach the top. This could mean giving up free time, spending time away from home or having a less active social life. However, a player’s academic studies should not be one of the elements that are cast aside in the pursuit of a professional football career…”

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Italians in Spain (Part 4) – Age is Just a Number: Amedeo Carboni.


The final part of my series:

Italians in Spain (Part 4) – Age is just a number: Amedeo Carboni.

“Of the many Italian players to have graced the stadiums of Spain, few have made such an impact as Amedeo Carboni. In fact, no Italian has made more La Liga appearances than the reluctant Tuscan legend, who also went on to become the oldest player ever to feature in the Spanish top flight at the age of 41 years, 1 month and 10 days (Valencia vs. Osasuna, May 16, 2006)…”

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View From The Bench – A Coach’s Perspective on Training Young Soccer Players


I recently caught up with soccer coach Jed Davies to discuss the training and development of young football players. His words are a must read for any young player or coach looking for some insight into the complex world of youth coaching.

“The role of an academy coach is to promote an environment where players are highly-focused, trusting of themselves and others, and able to grow as leaders. Coaches must also ensure that the passion for football is being fed.”

“Kids need heroes, not criticism.”

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