Decrypting the Puzzle with Soccer’s Brightest Coaches


Recently, I have been talking to a lot of soccer coaches.

And one thing I have learned is that soccer coaches love to talk!

Whether its face to face, over the phone, via Skype or through emails, the enthusiasm of youth soccer coaches never ceases to amaze me.

Over the last couple of years my work and travel has brought me into contact with a many bright and forward-thinking coaches who all offer their own unique perspective on the game. Many of those meetings have resulted in interviews, some of which have been published at such as this one with Jed Davies completed last year.

Since we spoke, Jed has moved to the USA to take up a role as First Team Assistant Coach at and his book, The Philosophy of Football: In Shadows of Marcelo Bielsa, has been published to great acclaim.

Jed is just one of many higly-rated young coaches that I have had the pleasure to listen to over the past couple of years.

Another thing that I have learned, is that although football is a simple game to play, it is not a simple game to master. Without some attempt to decipher the soccer puzzle at a scientific or mathematical level, the game would stagnate. In order to move forward, evolve and maintain (or grow) interest on a global level, football needs its complex thinkers.

Here are just a few more examples of interviews I have performed in recent months:

Manel Exposito (ex-Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Auckland City FC, and current Assistant Coach at Kas Eupen).

Josh Evans and Aaron Conniff-Broome (founders of Josh Evans Soccer School and ACB Football Coaching respectively).

Pedro López (Director of Football Methology at Silva SD in Spain).

Steve Manning (U-23 and Lead Academy Goalkeeping Coach at AFC Bournemouth).

David Powderly (Drone coaching pioneer and licenced UEFA coach currently working at Charlton Athletic).












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